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  • Eloise Unerman

There's a Draft in Here

Some people join social media or start a blog and the first thing they do is make a fool of themselves. Unintentionally, though. But I'm here right now doing exactly that. Intentionally.

This is the worst draft I've ever written. Why post it? So you can see how bad my rejects really get, and hopefully you'll look at it and think that yours aren't so bad. Or at least not worse. Why post it here rather than add it to my resources page? Because at least this post will get buried in time, rather than being immortalised in full view of anyone who visits that section.

I hear what you're saying - it can't be that bad, can it? Shut up, I say, you clearly haven't read it yet.

Amanita Virosa She is the Destroying Angel, drop dead and gorgeous, sweet and sickly with her white fibrous skin. Her skirt creeps up the slight line of her thigh. To me, she is fatal. To them, she is the expression of genes in a human, like God was in a hurry but my did he do a good job. That is the hallmark of her family, to be mistaken for lovers, not fighters. I knew her at that button-nosed stage, but we age and the structure breaks, letting parts, removable material like a heart, go to waste. She slides her hands into the hair of another one of them. He has mistaken her for a little girl. I want this to be the one that slices her open, reveals her secrets, that she is equipped with most of the features of a human but is saving 30 grams of poison in her cheeks for me. This is not the one. When she turns around and I am tired of waiting, I am ready. Afterwards, I go dancing and brag to my friends that I picked and ate some wild mushrooms today.

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