• Eloise Unerman

Spooky Scary Submissions

So it’s officially Halloween - I mean October, sorry, getting a little ahead of myself. I don’t have a thoughtful post about writing or mental health for you guys this month, but there’s another in the works for next month.

What I do have is a treat (or a trick). Soon I'll be adding a new section to my site called Poetry Porch. It’s my new...virtual doorstep? It‘ll be open seasonally, with the first time being this Halloween for a bit of trick or treating! All you need to do is send me a word or short phrase and you’ll get back a trick (a writing prompt) or a treat (a very short piece of poetry) based on that word. You can select how I respond - via Twitter, email or both - and you can also choose to be anonymous if you want me to post your trick or treat on Twitter.

If you‘d rather send in a trick or treat message via Twitter to begin with, that’s totally cool as well - just make sure to @ me!

Also, yes, the post icon is a skull again. No, this is not the last time I'll be recycling it.