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  • Eloise Unerman

Dearne Community Arts Festival 2020

As part of last year's Dearne Community Arts Festival, I hosted some poetry workshops. This year, that's not really an option unless you want to catch our VIP virus. So, instead, I've been recording readings of some of my poems and I'll be offering short poetry critiques to anyone who'd like to send their writing my way.

I'll be setting up a new page on the site for anyone checking out the online festival to submit their poems - the page will be private so you'll need to follow the link on the festival's page to get access. The page includes a few details on what to do and what to expect.

These should go live on September 26th at 12:45pm and you can find them, and more info about DCAF on the festival's event page or the DCAF Facebook page itself.

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