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Poem Content Editing               £20 per poem


Single Poem Commission   £250+

Character Sprite Only     £15

Single Pixel Art Character

w/ Basic Animations       £45

walk, run, idle

[walk, run, idle]

punch, shoot, take hit, die

w/ (other anims?)    +/anim 

Coming soon < 3

Narrative Design           

available via ko-fi

contact via form

additional anims            +£5

per frame   

support me on ko-fi (monthly rewards tba)

support me on ko-fi for monthly rewards

one off donations

also welcome <3

Request comissions via ko-fi or my contact form


£?? per 1000 words

Single Poem Edit

Contact me to enquire about further prices/services & collaboration <3

Narrative Design & Events

Further Prices & Collaboration

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