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Reviving My Blog (+ Other Creative Resurrections)

So I'm back after a long radio silence. I know I wasn't here much to begin with but shh...

I want to try and get the ball rolling with my website. It's been sitting here collecting dust for a while and I want to see where it takes me now that we're all sat here collecting dust. I can't make any promises about my posting schedule, just because I work in healthcare and it's exhausting at the moment.

I originally wanted to make my blog a place for my online presence as a whole, for now at least. After thinking for a bit, that's not really what I'm going for. You might not have found your way here from my local work, and instead might only know me through one of my currently-not-a-career escapades. Surprise, I'm a professional poet. I want to use my experience with that to create accessible writing resources, and breathe some life into my corner of the writing internet.

But I'm also an artist, and a game developer (which is fairly new). I'm not a professional in either of those departments and it's not entirely comfortable for me to talk as if I am.

I want to give myself room to express those things and the mundane parts of my writing in a more casual and brief fashion. And occasionally poke people in the direction of different sections of my website. Which doesn't really mesh with the tone I've set for my writing resources and my blog posts.

So, that said, the second sort of content probably belongs on my Instagram instead. It does exist, by the way, it's just empty. It'll stay that way until it appears out of the blue one day, like a mythical creature. And who knows when that might be.

I also have a Twitter - I've discovered it's not my platform, so I'll just be cross-posting there whenever I start posting on Instagram.

But what can you expect here? Definitely info about writing events or new additions to my site (looking at you, writing resources section). At some point in the future, you can also probably expect very occasional guest appearances from topics I've been talking about on social media. And they'll probably be a little closer to said social media posts in tone than your regular broadcast over here.

It might sound like I have it all figured out, but I swear on my website's recently dug up grave that I really don't.

If you're reading this and I'm not talking to an empty browser, feel free to share new features/content you might be looking for with me via Twitter or contact form.

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