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forgotten murals

cough marry kill

pixel artist & narrative designer


A game about feeding your garden the spirits of the fallen.


Credits: Pixel Art, Narrative, Programming

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cough, marry, kill

Play as COVID-19, a lonesome virus stranded on a human corpse. Find love on Fever, the new dating app for all viruses inside the remains of this human.

Credits: Narrative Design

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A narrative-based game about disease and family.

Credits: Narrative Design, Minor Programming, 2D UI art

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trowel and error

A cautionary tale about angering the mystical forces that occupy your dig site. Commissioned by Barnsley Museums as part of the Festival of Archaeology. 

Credits: Narrative Design, Technical Design

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deep seer

A game about underwater research, the bitter taste of failure, and the even more bitter taste of someone else's success.​

Credits: Narrative Design, Voice Acting

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unfinished projects / wips

snack time summoning

A game about summoning an ​eldritch demon with dark treehouse rituals while your mum's buying groceries.

Credits: Narrative Design, Pixel Art, Programming

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further animation/art samples available on request

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